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irresponsible (rant)

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I have a "friend" who got a 6 month old puppy a few months ago from a shelter. I knew he wouldn't be the most responsible owner, but I figured I would try to help him out and he could give this pup a good home. We figured out a low cost neuter clinic, I helped him with potty training (this guy had no concept of potty training besides rubbing his nose in it, luckily I talked him out of that for the most part).

I found out about a week ago that a few weeks ago this "friend" got rid of the dog. He gave him to some friends who live on a farm and, from what I have been told, will be a great home for him. What was the reason for sending this pup off to another home just as he was getting settled? He was too old to train. Yeah.

So I had pretty much decided that this guy had no business owning a dog (including other situations with his mom's dog). I found out today that a few days ago his girlfriend went out to a different shelter and got him a 7 week old puppy. I really hope this time it goes better than last time, but I have my doubts.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Grrrrrr......
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I know what you mean by having irresponsible "friends". I have one like that. They got two husky-shepard mix puppies, threw them in the back yard and expected them to behave. One pup was mostly blind, and the other was mostly deaf. They grew up FAST... and soon figured out. They kept getting out of the chain linked fence. They family said they didn't want to get the dogs fixed... but after finally being fined from AC, they decided that maybe neutering might help "calm their hormones". Anyways, they then sectioned off a small portion of the yard and used some sort of really high chain linked fencing.
The dogs were ended up being HUGE. They family's 8 year old went out in the yard and tried to "play" with the dogs (unsupervised of course), and the deaf dog, knocked her down. The next day they took him to the pound, said he was aggressive, and had him put down.
A week later what do they do? They go on down to the pound and get another puppy. A black lab mix. A sweet thing. Except she acted like a puppy :eek:. She was given no training at all, and would bite people (because of course she was a puppy and had nothing to chew on). I met this dog several times, and she was all puppy, not aggressive, all she needed was some good lessons manners. But she bit the daughter, and drew blood... and was returned the next day to the pound for being aggressive.
So now they have another puppy. He's sweet... a rottie-husky mix. Gunna be huge. I'm not sure of his fate... he hasn't (to my knowledge) bitten or be "aggressive" to anyone yet. But he is a puppy with no manners at all. And he's going to turn into a huge adult dog with no manners... so I don't like where this is going.

Sometimes, I wish you could report people for not teaching their dogs manners. Irresponsible people make me very sad.
Next time these people turn their dog back into the pound, do them a favor by letting them allow you to pick out the right dog for them. I know the perfect breeds that come in all sizes including huge. These particular breeds are very easy to care for, easy to potty train, never bites, never barks, does not need much exercise, does not require daily walks, non existent vet care but may need a few stitches now and then depending on how rough it is handled.

The above are the perfect breeds for people that are unable to properly train a dog and for people that have very little time supervising their children around the dog. Also they are never born in puppy mill's and no shelter in the world would allow you to turn one into them although if the people can't handle these breeds they can be rehomed quite easily especially if the other home has children.
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