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My name is Jason. I have a Blue Bully Mix named Bubbi (pic: HERE). He was a rescue from a puppy mill. He is 6 years old and my best friend as we have been through a lot. He is not altered yet, we didn't really prioritize it since we didn't own a female dog. We got Mia (Pic: HERE), a female Chiweenie, from my husbands mother a few weeks back. She is an amazing character and is always good for cuddles on the couch. The newest addition to our family is Mia's newborn pup (Pic:HERE) -,-. Surprise, she was pregnant and we didnt even know . Doesnt surprise me considering where she had come from, but i'll make a post about that after i get through the introduction because i have some serious questions about this whole pregnant thing. Mia is scheduled for spaying 5 weeks from today 11/19, Bubbi will be going next week.
My favorite thing to do with my furbabies depends on who I'm spending time with. Mia, prior to motherhood, would be more of a cuddle buddy while your watching tv or under you when you have food. She is not above knocking over the trash can and eating coffee filters. Bubbi is the least motivated dog i have ever met. He doesnt do walks, literally I thought something was wrong with him. But his old vet used to say he's an old soul. We stay out in the country of Duplin County NC, with a pretty large yard for the dogs to run around in.
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