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Hey guys as some of you know I will be bringing home a westie pup actually on saturday and I have a question about introducing her to our rabbit and our love bird, now I want to be really careful about this because her being a terrier and all, but I know it can be done.

Now how should I introduce her to MuShu our bird. I would really love if eventually they could be out together under supervision of course but this may be a long shot. Incase MuShu ever got out of her cage. MuShu is also very bold and has no problem telling other animals that she is the boss. I know this can be done because our old westie was fine with smaller animals. She knew the difference between pets and roadents she could kill outside. But even as long as she ignores MuShu is fine. I just want to go at this the right way.

Now introducing the rabbit will probley be alot easier since they will pretty much both be the same size, but any tips would be awesome.

as well we have a scottish terrier and a bouvier, they are both really good with other dogs and puppies, but what would be the best route to go with intros with my parents dogs?

Also when is the best time to get Teagan (westie pup) introduced to the bunny and MuShu? Should I introduce then to her on the first day I bring her home? or wait a while. I dont want to overwhelm her even more than she will be going into a new home and all.

Thanks guys!:)
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