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Introducing Polar

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Hi all! Im new here and I would like to indroduce my current foster Polar.

Hes about a year old, German Shepherd Corgi Lab cross, A German Corgador if you please.

He is ready for adoption through K9 Village GSD Rescue. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! He's too handsome. He could be Buck's Mini-Me .... :D

Thank you for fostering. I'm sure Polar will find his forever home very quickly. Who couldn't love that face??? ;)
Um, Reno, What are you waiting for? Get an application in for that sweet little dog. How cute would those Christmas photos be???

Good Luck to Polar and Yes, Thank you for fostering a dog in need. :)
Reno I know what you mean. Though a grand plan just popped into my head. Since Polar looks so much like Buck you could just have one of them out at a time and the landlord might just think he is seeing things. lol Did you ever see the old movie the "parent trap"??? He wouldn't know for sure if he was just seeing Buck looking shorter some days then others. lol
Yup, I need more sleep. lol
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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