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Introducing Polar

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Hi all! Im new here and I would like to indroduce my current foster Polar.

Hes about a year old, German Shepherd Corgi Lab cross, A German Corgador if you please.

He is ready for adoption through K9 Village GSD Rescue. Hope you enjoy the photos!

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Thank you all for the complements. hes a very good boy and im sure he'll be adopted in no time. :D
Polar has been adopted!! thanks to Tom of Graniet Bay! We will be reciving our new foster this week end and I will be Introducing Venus saturday night! Keep an eye out for her!
He did very quickly I was supprise at how quick really. Venus probibly wont go as fast... hes 3 years 80lbs and likes to leap tall fences in a single bound lol, so she should be fun. I cant wait to bring her home. :p
Hey can anyone tell me where I might post an invitation for a fundraiser for a very sick dog at the rescue im fostering though? I wasnt sure if i should post it in General or Rescue.
1 - 5 of 17 Posts
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