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Check out our NEW Sparkle Shampoo bars for dogs and cats!

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Our all natural, botanical shampoo bars are kind to your pup or kitty, and to the earth, too. They’re hand-made from a base of organic goat’s milk from a family farm in the Deep South, and blended with olive and coconut oil plus precious, functional herbs and botanicals that gently nourish the different needs of the skin and coat.

Here are some frequently asked questions about them:

1. Where are our Sparkle Shampoo Bars made?
They’re hand-made from free range goat’s milk blended with olive and coconut oil plus herbs and botanicals, on a family-owned goat farm in the Deep South.

2. Why is a solid Shampoo Bar so much better than regular liquid shampoo?
Shampoo Bars are like ‘dehydrated’ shampoo – compact, free of wasteful ‘water weight’, efficient to ship and minimal on the packaging front, too. There’s no bulk, water weight, plastic bottles or risk of leaks and spills like liquid shampoo.

3. How do we know that our Palm Oil is not harming delicate eco-systems or endangered species?
Our Palm Oil is certified sustainable, certified organic and sourced from Columbia. It’s harvested responsibly, without threatening the rainforest homes of species like pygmy elephants, sun bears and orangutans.
The conventional palm oil production industry has been linked to deforestation, the destruction of precious wildlife habitats, climate change and the abuse of indigenous peoples in a number of different countries.
Our Organic Palm and Palm Kernel oil are Certified Sustainable by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), which works with small plantations and family farms outside of the primary deforestation risk areas of Indonesia, Malaysia and New Guinea.

4. How long will one bar last?
One bar will bubble up into about 18 baths, for a 30lbs dog.

5. Do long haired dogs need to use a conditioner after the bar?
Conditioner may be required for very long or more matted fur, just as when using a liquid shampoo.

6. Are the shampoo bars safe to use on the face?
Yes, they can be used carefully on the face but as with all shampoo, it’s best to avoid the eyes. If suds do make eye contact, they can be rinsed gently with warm water. A warm wash cloth can be used to apply and remove suds from the face.

7. Will they sting the eyes?
If the shampoo gets directly into the eyes, it may sting a little bit, like regular shampoo, because it doesn’t contain the numbing agents that are used in ‘no tears’ shampoos.

8. Will the Shampoo Bars suds up?
Yes! They lather up surprisingly well. They’re 100% natural and do feel a little different from conventional shampoo during rinsing, because they don’t contain any sodium laureth sulfate or other chemical detergents, but once the fur dries it will feel very sleek and incredibly clean!

9. Can Sparkle Shampoo Bars be used on cats?
Our plain and simple Apple Cider Vinegar formula can be used on cats, but the other two formulas contain essential oils and botanicals and are not recommended for cats.

10. Where are the essential oils sourced?
All our essential oils are sourced extremely carefully and are independently analyzed by Applied Essential Oil Research for quality assurance and all oils must meet strict odor and analytical requirements before they’re deemed acceptable for our shampoo bars. Our Lavender oils is sourced from Europe, our Rosemary and Cedar Oils are from Morocco and the Juniper oil is from Russia.

11. Are Sparkle Shampoo Bars pH balanced?
The term ‘pH balanced’ was developed by some commercial soap producers as a marketing term, to signify a neutral pH of 7, or a slightly acidic pH of 6.5. Commercial products are made with a myriad of synthetic sudsing agents and/or detergents that can make them more acidic.

There is no way to have a neutral pH of true, pure soap without additives to increase the acidity. Our Sparkle Shampoo Bars fall within the range of 7.5 to 9, which is slightly alkaline. The addition of goat’s milk naturally lowers the pH very slightly, and the Apple Cider Vinegar in our simplest bar is also slightly more acidic. We don’t adulterate our shampoo bars with strong acidifying agents.

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