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Last fall after my grown kids had to move away due to job transfers I decided to adopt this beautifyl one year old black lab PJ. Well I had no idea what I was getting myself into !!! Lucifer came to me with a bad case of OCD and some serious behaviorial issues . The first problem to conquer was riding in the car ! Lucifer does NOT like the car and shows it by massively drooling on everyone and everything . Solution, a towel in the car . The next challenging issue was the barking . He would bark and bark and bark if you tried to talk to anyone else and he REALLY hated it if you were on the phone . I tried many things over several weeks till finally at my wits end I bought a bark collar. I put it on him and he barked ONCE, he has not barked at all since, another probelm solved . Now for his taste for things to tear up like shoes, paper, boxes, anything that can be shredded. Solution ?? still looking for one here , meanwhile I dont leave anything out that would interest him to shred . Lastly he loves to steal the cats beds, all 3 of them, whether the cat is still it in does not matter to him . Then he sleeps on all 3 of thier beds. Solution ?? get Lucifer his own bed ?? ok that half worked, he still sleeps on the cats beds but the cats now sleep on his bed, we will call this one a draw . Oh and I am sure you noticed the name , Lucifer came from my entire group of family and friends who insisted I had adopted the devil dog so Lucifer it became !!! All in all he has turned out to be a wonderful dog and we will continue to work on his issues. One thing for sure, he has made missing my kids and grand kids a bit easier and definitly keeps me busy. Lucifer you are loved !!! ( or else you would of died the day you ate my brand new 140.00 danskos ) well bye for now from Me and Lucifer, next round the story of Guapo, the worlds uglist dog !
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