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Introducing Duke

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Back in January my school helped out a rescue group with a litter of puppies they rescued by giving caring for the pups until they found a new home. Well one of my friends in the Vet class fell in love with one of the puppies and decided she was going to adopt him as soon as he was ready to become adopted. And sure enough she did. This is home the first day home at my friends, back in January:

Anyway she had him for a few months up until about May, when her mother no longer let them keep her cus he is a ball of fire, so my family being the animal people that we are decided we'd take him in. ONLY because we already knew him, saw him grow those few months and were in love with him. But we knew it wasn't going to be easy, because he wasn't well socialized to other dogs etc etc.. I mean he's not aggressive but his doggy manners aren't quite there. Little by little though we're working on that. And he's really starting to catch on, he's not dumb by any means but he is STUBBORN beyond belief. He does what he wants when he wants to. He only listens to his name when its convenient for him. But I"m currently working on that too.

My next plan is to save up some money to enroll him at puppy training classes at the Petsmart by my house, so not only does he learn his basic commands, he always gets to play with other dogs and doesn't become aggressive as he gets older. After that I'd like to enroll him in a course to see if he can get certified as a therap dog, but thats not one of my main priorities and I'd be happy enough just to get him to listen to basic commands.

Either way, I do love him, I will not stop working with him and am very happy he's now with us.

Here are a few more pictures of him and how he looks currently. Sorry for the picture quality. Crappy camera + moving puppy = horrible pictures. BTW if anyone wants to guess as to what kind of mix he is, by all means go right ahead. His papers say he's a Mastiff mix but I don't see any Mastiff in him. And to make matters worse, Most of his brothers and sisters had different color coats. Some had the Rottie style going on. Some were grey. Lol only one of them kind of looked like him. I personally think he has some Pitt or Amstaff in him. He's not as wide as most Pit's are but he does look like them. Same facial features if you ask me.

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Very cute puppy. And congrates to you for adopting him and taking time to correct and train him.
I would say he diffenently has some pitbull in him . Just look at that bully face, so cute.
Haha! I love his ears! Look at the way they are all perked up. You can see his has a lot of spunk!! Congrats!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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