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Introducing another young adult dog

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I'm very excited about the possibility of getting a 14 month old newf this week. We have an old cat, a 14yo male dog, a 19 month old female dog.

We've had people bring their dogs to the house without any problem, usually in the backyard first, the old dog just sniffed them and mostly ignored them, the young dog wanted to play, but we're always around those dogs and they are probably used to their smell too. The young female is leash reactive (barks like crazy but to be fair, the few dogs that actually approached her she seemed fine with, just a bit apprehensive), but always did fine with other dogs once offleash... but that means that introducing them leashed outside is not an option (and obviously, this dog will be much bigger).

Also, if we're getting him, it's a long drive, and we'll be getting home late. It's going to be dark... I still want to take the new dog in the backyard first so he recognizes it as the place to do his business at, but I don't know how practical it is to get two dogs to know each other in the dark - mostly because we just won't really see what's happening... I suppose we could use flashlights though LOL. Thoughts?

And I'm wondering what you would do when it comes to sleeping arrangements that night. The dog is crate trained, and we have a big crate for our young female, but I'm not sure that it's going to be big enough (it's 46 inches), and I'm not sure how she would feel about another dog in her crate (ok, the pup we've puppy sat has gone in and she didn't care). I don't really want to buy another one yet though as we have to make sure that the dog is a good fit first. From what I hear, he doesn't need the crate because he's not destructive, so there's that.

Both dogs typically sleep with us in our room. We have room in our room for a large crate as well, if we need one down the line... The female is very attached to me and basically goes everywhere I go. I can't leave the new dog alone in a room if he's not crated though, obviously... so sleeping in the family room with both dogs with me and the gate closed could be an option. Or we could try to have them all in our bedroom (there's plenty of floor space for 3 dogs).. but that might be too fast. Our dogs typically just lie down and sleep as soon as we go there though... and my husband does need to sleep so I'm not sure he would be very happy about that (we could try the new and old dogs upstairs, and me downstairs with the female though).

Thoughts? Experiences you want to share? I'm kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop because it could potentially be a perfect fit for us, and I've wanted a newf all my life (and don't really care about the puppy stage). Plus it would be a good week before we would have to leave them alone at all as well, so plenty of time to see how they react with each other and if we need a new crate... but by 14 months all our dogs were pretty much out of crates as well (we've been lucky though).
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