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Curious for some tips on introducing a new puppy to a dog. I've read some stuff on it, but I also have a unique dog. Said puppy wouldn't be entering the home until beginning to middle of October, so we would have another 4-7 weeks before this happens. It is a male wire haired griffon, my boyfriend's future hunting pup.

Quill just turned two last weekend. He started Prozac two weeks ago because he is a fairly nervous dog with bad SA when I leave. When kenneled, he'll scream bloody murder and pant a lake. When left out, he won't sleep/eat/socialize/etc but is otherwise quiet so I didn't even realize he still had bad SA until this summer -- I assumed him not destroying things, pottying in the house, crying, etc meant he was okay being left out. He does however get nervous when it storms and such and I'm not there. If I'm home, he doesn't care about thunder or fireworks or any of that, but he DOES get nervous about weird things and this seems to be getting a bit worse with age rather than better as I expected it might. Toy reflections in the window, canvas out back, the stethoscope at the vet, and so on. Obviously we have a couple of weeks to go before we know if the prozac is beneficial for him!

He has never met a dog he doesn't like, though other dogs don't always love him which I assume is maybe him being fairly large and him not being neutered. He adapts his play style well to fit other dogs. His only issue he has had with other dogs that I've dog sat is he's sensitive to them being told "no" (he acts as if he's done something wrong -- ears back, slinks out of the room, etc; this is a dog whose biggest disciplining has been being told "no" or "leave it", he just knows he's done something he isn't supposed to and is very sensitive to it) and gets jealous when they snuggle (on the couch or bed, but HE doesn't snuggle very often, it's just the idea of another dog snuggling). He just gets upset about it, he doesn't actually DO anything.

He gives great warnings when he doesn't want to play and removes himself from situations if the other dog is persistent. He'll growl, give a little snap, and then finally take himself to the bedroom or kennel.

He is a resource guarder, but if the dog is assertive he doesn't have issues with them playing with his toys because he is an extremely submissive dog. I'm just not sure how this will manifest with a small puppy? I never feed him with other dogs and if he gets a bone/treat he is kenneled. We wouldn't take any chances with treats/food/etc. It is just the toys I'm concerned about.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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