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Hi everyone.

I'm new to the board and I'm curious as to what everyone owns. I suppose we could list a couple different things in order to get to know everyone else's dogs:

Let's list our "real" names, our dogs names, ages, and breeds. Pictures are welcomed and encouraged. :eek:

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Hi Ophelia! *waves* My name is Melissa, and I'm heading to college this fall. I have two female Beagles: Honey, 9, and Spunky, who will be 11 in a couple of weeks.

Here they are:

Honey's on the left.

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i'm tiffany ( currently a nursing student) and owned by 8 furkids,only 3 live with me though, but they are all in pairs lol
2 akitas
-izzy, 2.5 years old (pinto)
-tipsy, 1.5 yrs old

2 shibas
- jersey, 3 years old, red
-zoe, 2 years old, cream

2 huskies
-koozie, 1.5 years old, red pinto/splash coat
-keno, 21 wks, agouti

2 bichons
-jack and tillie ( brother and sister), 4 years old

quite a group my family has!

my 3

koozie, izzy and keno

tillie in back, jersey and jack
*this is about a year old, i had to find pictures that had them in groups to fit them all!



so thats our furry little pack of pups!

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Hi, I'm Becky (but I'm not telling you how old I am..:D)

I am owned by 3 furr kids

Butch - 6 Jack Russell/Chi Mix
Mortimer - 5 (J. Snurd) - Tuxedo Cat
Roxxy- 4 Unknown Mix (but loved all the same)

I have learned so much about other breeds in my year on here. It is so much fun!

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Hi! I'm Jihad, 51, and am slave to 6 fur babies;

Yansa, 5 1/2yrs, GSD
Artemis, 1yr, GSD
Ramy, 1 1/2, Wolf/GSD
Dingo, 7 1/2yrs, Bully/Gsd
Helios, 2yrs, Golden Retriever/Border Collie
Bohrah, 5yrs, ACD/Catahoula

One 17yr, 10', Columbian Boa, Shermaine, several birds and a rabbit, Tinker Bell. :D

We live in Reynosa, MX

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I'm Hannah

i'm a 21 year old Uni student, hailing from OSTRALYA!

I own 4 dogs, but seriously considering a 5th, although there are currently 7 dogs on the property right now 3 belong to my mum.

mine are

11 month old Cane CorsoXNeo mastiff
Black with a touch of white
115lbs 28"

9 Month GSD
80lbs 26"

2 year old Jack Russell
14lbs (FAT)

6 months Border Collie X Kelpie
40lbs 22"

and the little girl i'm seriously considering

Betsy (pending :))
8 week old Rat Terrier
Not sure of statistics

Mum's Dogs

Border Collie
11 Year old B&W

10 year old B&W

11 year old Red and white

I also have a myriad of other pets but dogs will do for today

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My name is Caitlin. I'm 26-years-old and I teach high school English.

My dog is Alvin. He's a (roughly) 9-year-old Lab/Shar Pei mix.

I'm in the market for a second dog. Something small and older that won't bug Alvin by asking to play all the time.

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Hey && Welcome!! :) I'm pretty new here too!!

I'm Nikki. I live in the (not so sunny right now) state of Florida. I'm 17 & still in high school (I graduate next year!!!!), I plan on going to either University of Florida or University of North Florida for Athletic Trainer or Anthropology. I know two totally different subjects! Haha.. Well anyways.

I have two dogs && two cats... Without further ado.. Here they are:

Rebel, Male {American Pit Bull Terrier}. 2 1/2 years old.

Dog Canidae Mammal Dog breed Carnivore

Vertebrate Dog breed Dog Canidae Mammal

Harleigh, Female {Great Dane/Bullmastiff}. 5 months old.

Dog Mammal Vertebrate Dog breed Canidae

Black Dog Canidae Nose Dog breed

To everyone else: All of ya'lls dogs are absolutely adorable!! <3!

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Hello, I am Joe B. and 47 years old. We have 3 kids, 9 yr boy and 2 girls, 12 and 14.

We have a female Golden Retriever rescued at 2 years old, now 7.
2 Cockapoos who are 2 years old, had them since 8 weeks old and
1 Newfounland who is 10 months old and 110 pounds. This picture is a couple of months old so the Newfie is actually larger looking now.


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My name is Mindy. I'm 30 years old and I'm an Educational Aide to children with Autism at a local school for children with developmental disabilities.

I have 2 dogs. Eddie is a black Lab and he'll be 3 in October. He's the most pain-in-the-butt dog you'd ever meet but I love him anyway. lol Eddie is a huge, oversized Lab. He weighed in at 123lbs last month at a vet appointment, so the current priority is getting him to loose weight.

Then I have my big oaf Uallis, pronounced "Wallace". He's an English Mastiff and he's almost 2 1/2 years old and around 200lbs. Uallis is a pretty serious, STUBBORN, lazy dog. Uallis doesn't really do much of anything...sleep, eat and use the bathroom...that is about it. I take him for daily walks but half the time, he'll just stop and turn around and head for home on his own. lol


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Hi, I'm Ashley!
I'm 24, and a stay at home mom, my husband is in the US Army - though I was a vet tech before we had kids.

I have 3 monsters.
Soluri-Bournes Lacey Von Heike - Lacey, the German Shepherd
Lily - The pitbull
and Jasper, the Golden Retriever. :)


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Hi, I'm Janice and am an Educational Assistant.
Our dogs from left to right are

Fraggle - 4 year old Tibetan Terrier mix Superdog, Rally O dog and Agility dog.
Angel - 6 year old BC Superdog, Rally O dog, Agility dog, flyball dog and disc dog.
Karma - 2 year old BC/JRT flyball dog and disc dog.
Stryker - 2 year old BC/JRT flyball dog and disc dog.

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Hi! I'm Katie. I'm 21 and am currently taking a break from college to decide what (animal related) direction I want to head.

I have a 5 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, named Bailey. She is the love of my life. We start agility on tuesday!

We also have a 13 year old family (mom's) dachshund, named Coco.

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I'm Samantha, a 16 year old High School Student in Alaska with a huge interest in art and animation. My family has two dogs, the 'family' dog Buck, a seven year old lab mix; and my dog, Jake, who is at best guess a shepherd mix. Jake will be 2 in September.

Jake on left, Buck on right:


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