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Interesting Question today...

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I volunteer at a nursing home, and today I was doing the monthly calender. The calenders ae these HUGE sheets of 4x4 paper in a supplies closet. I went to go get one, and someone followed me in. It was the lady who owns Shunka and Fang's mom, Bootsie. She asked if Shunka was fixed. (I bet you alrady caught on!) And I said yeah, she is. Lisa then told me Bootsie isn't going to live much longer (Bootsie just turned 16) and they would like a dog out of her. Of course all of Fang and Shunka's siblings are in seperate corners of the country, so why not see about breeding Shunka? :eek: She was hoping I could breed Shunka ONE time for ONE puppy. Of course Shunka, Kola, and Fang being speutered, that isn't happening. I did, however, tell her Kola's sister has a litter of puppies (that shouldn't exist, I was told this dog was spayed) and I'll contact them about a female puppy.

It's not the first time someone has asked me about a litter out of Shunka, but Shunka should have never even been bred the first two times, let alone a third for ONE puppy. It bothers me to this day how many puppies could be the result of us not being ready to own a dog. (At the time if we got a dime we still wouldn't be able to rub two together.)
Fang and Shunka are different as day and night, and neither like their mother, why don't people get the fact that a puppy from their dog won't bring their dog back? Annoying.
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That and what happens when that pup gets old and dies. It's never going to be just ONE pup.
Exactly...And they don't take into consideration the rest of the litter.
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