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Innocent Victims of the Economy

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I just had an article I wrote put on the Layoff Support Network website and thought that some people here might be interested. I just came across this site and think that there may be some people here that can relate.

In Summary: I was laid off in February; My Schnauzer got pancreatitis; I took him to the animal hospital and they wouldn’t treat him unless I paid for the treatment up front. I had no money.

The article is about what a happened and all the innocent victims of this horrible economy. I wonder how many people reading this forum have ever (or will be) in the same situation. I know the issue of making a life or death decision about your pet (based on cost) happens all the time. But this economy was the result of some very greedy people. Why should my dog have to die because of them?

If you are interested in reading it, here is the link. #Note: The LSN is a non-profit site and does not accept advertising of any kind (i.e., this is in no way a “spam”). Maybe being aware of this will help you (though I hope that you are never in a situation).

Innocent Victims


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