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As the title implies, my dog was injured while being boarded for 5 nights, 6 days. On day #5 our dog cut his paw either on the fence or a rock. From what it sounded like, my dog was probably being territorial while in his run and was barking at some other dogs while in their own run. He was injured on Friday, they called us and let us know. "No big deal."
Then about 20 minutes later we get another phone call from the kennel saying that if we want to take him to the vet when we get home, they would "pay for half." Now I'm worried.
Our neighbor picked up our dogs Saturday at noon. He called us right away and said that Logan was licking his paw, so he put some antibiotic on it and wrapped it up (so Logan couldn't get to it). We got home at 7 last night, removed that bandage, put on some antibiotic and rewrapped it.
I took him to the vet this morning and the wound is infected. The vet said that it is was a "simple wound made 1000 times worse by his tongue." But we had it wrapped since coming home Saturday, meaning that the only time he could have licked it was the first 24 hours until he was picked up and treated by our neighbor.
Is 50% of the vet bill fair? It happened under their watch and logic should have told them that he should have been prevented from licking it to death. According to my vet, a e-collar or covering the paw would have prevented the infection. Would you demand the 50% now or wait until the wound is healed (I have to take him in to get revaluated next week).
I am not mad at the facility, mostly disappointed in how they handled the wound and only want to be fair. This kennel was not cheap, if you know what I'm saying.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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