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Hi everyone,

My dog injured her knee yesterday(she screamed like never before and peed on the spot... can you imagine the pain?? :'() when she landed on her left hind leg wrongly. 1st time it happened. Vet said possibly injured her ligament. She walks normally now but when she accidentally puts more weight on that injured leg she can't hold the weight and stumbles and limps for a bit. She's on anti-inflammatory medication and pain relief. I don't want the injury to get worse so I'm here for more advice...

The injury looks slight for now but I'm worried there will be implications down the road. I would like to see if there's anyone here with similar experience and can share with me how best to manage this type of injuries. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Another question is what would be the signs of a 'hidden' injury that the vet did not detect? I mean slight fracture or torn (not just injured) ligament? We did not do an x ray cos she didn't look like it hurt even when the vet probed the knee joint (or any of her other joints). Is this similar to a sprain in humans?

I need to restrict her movements for the coming 1 week or so, no walks, no vigorous activity, is walking about the house considered too much? She'll be so sad if I confine her to a small space... I plan to take away her 'chase-able toys' and just give her chew toys... but leave her to walk about.
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