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New to this forum so in short asking for advice in Dogs/Programs/direction. A million resources on the internet and have no idea which programs are better.

Going to make a long winded transparent post and just lay it all out there + plan. Any suggestions/advice would be more then welcome. Here to learn!

Looking for 2 Border Collie & Labrador mix puppies-both Female (sisters) to train/have training for Duty - Service Dogs.

Dog Choice:
If I can’t find the mix puppies I think I will-look for Bordor Callies or American Labs (hopefully medium sized).
  • Had childhood Border Collie + Black Lab and she was amazing. Insanely smart and lived to please. Amazing experience and Hope daughter 11 y/o can share that + imprint on puppies.
  • Currently live in Florida worry about the heat with fur of a Border Collie. Though I love its small size.
  • Adore Labs as well
  • Need a clever dog that can stay insanely active and runs off willingness and desire to please but can and most be 100% loyal to all family members. I will teach it to be not Aggressive outside the house no issue.

My History + Need to Service

I am 42y/o 100% disabled medically retired vet at 23 years. Served in the Army in mostly light Airborne Infantry Units and as Cadre at Ranger School.

Been in and out if hospitalization, surg’s etc etc towards the last 3 years of my career. Also suffered from a number of severe head Injuries.

the summer I was going to exit they caught up with me. Had a stoke/followed by 1-2 seizures a month + Phycosis.
Currently recovering and on the up & up and working on rebuilding my mind/body. Plan to take a knee and focus on me + family x 12 months and then move on.

1) Looking for a puppy(s) + (Primary Dog( Training/Training program so in the future if I become less aware of Auras I have a 2nd set of awareness that can queue me. (Noticed all animals seemed to know or could tell the last 6 months).
+ Support: Recover, PTSD, etc etc
Have nothing but time to train it, put time & effort into getting it tools to assist me in the future and aid in recovery.

2) Secondary Dog. Training/Training Program as comfort dog. Puts a slew of stress on Family & wife taking a year off to assist me. A dog my wife/daughter can call there’s (Sister of other service dog).

Anyone know of a Breeder for Border Collie + Lab mix that is solid and cares about the dogs?

Any suggestions on Breeders how make amazing Border Collie or med Black American Labs?

many suggestions or dealings with or ideas on which is a solid Vet training program? I live here in Pensacola Florida. Seems to be 100’s for Vets/Service dogs and most by rescue. Any ideas or suggestions?

What Age do the programs require to start “official training”.

How old do they have to be to “serve” legally?

The long list of questions I have runs on. Any help would be appreciated.

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First thing you should NOT do is get two puppies at the same time. They cannot be together at all and must be handled and trained separately so they bond with people instead of each other. Two at once is 4 times as much work. So, focus on one dog.

Not many people.. none really.. are mixing breeds. Border Collies, while extremely smart, are not always good pets and can be a poor choice around children due to their desire to herd.. and so they will herd people if no livestock available.

Also be aware that those who raise and train Service dogs professionally wash out more than they finish. A service dog (SD) needs to be largely invisible unless actively working. They are chosen out of a lengthy pedigree of dogs that consistently exhibit the correct temperament for service dog work. Temperament is largely genetic. You may get a puppy and that puppy may not work out as an SD. What happens then?

I recommend you find a breeder of dogs that regularly get placed in service dog work. This puppy will likely cost 4 figures and maybe just under the middle of that 4 figure range.

So, while not answering several of your questions I suggest you back up a little. Find out more how to train a dog in basic obedience and how to train for the job you have in mind. Only get one dog/puppy and train it (or try to). See how it goes.

Good luck and Thank you for your service.
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