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Our 16-month-0ld Brittany, Libby, has been asking to go out more frequently in the past few weeks.

It all seemed to start when we brought the foster dog home. Because we were unsure if the foster was housetrained, we took her out every hour until we were sure that she would be ok in the house. Libby was also let out to go to the bathroom at this time.

Now, we know that the foster dog is OK in the house. She doesn't ask to go outside by herself, so we usually just send her out when Libby tells us that she needs to go out. However, Libby is whining, pawing, and pacing at the door every 45-60 minutes, and pees every time!

Libby's water and food intake has not changed, nor has her diet. She is getting an increased amount of exercise due to playing with the foster dog. Her urine appears normal.

What strikes me as odd is that she is still able to hold it while crated overnight for 8-9 hours without fussing, and also while we are at work for 6 hours during the day without fussing.

We have a vet appointment scheduled for next week (her rabies vacc is due anyway), and I will bring it up with the vet, but should I be letting her out every hour when she asks? I really don't want to make this a habit.


Edited to add:

Heh, I think I just figured it out...

she wants to go to BED! She knows that the routine is that she gets let out right before bed, and then we go upstairs. With the foster dog here, she is having trouble settling at night; Chelsea always wants to play, and won't leave Libby alone if she tries to crash on the couch. I separated them, and Libby hasn't asked to go since.
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