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In need of immediate help with training my dog

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I don’t want to get rid of my dog, but cannot take it anymore. I adopted her from a shelter about 2 years ago, and have since had such a hard time training her. I have had many dogs in the past and successfully trained them. However, I knew there would be complications with her as she was an abused dog they found tied to a fence. She was doing well for a long time, but after my husband and I went on our honeymoon, we came back to a completely different dog. She was resentful. She is very territorial of my husband, and often times has even snapped at me for being near him/around him. We have tried multiple things, even letting him step back and me being the primary care taker, me taking her to the bathroom, me putting her food/water down - none of it works. As funny as it sounds, she looks at me as competition or like I am her bitch. Things seemed to get better for awhile there, but then things have recently went so downhill, it’s causing severe strains on my day to day life, to the point where I cannot even go to bed at night time because of her behavior. I can’t leave her alone, she destroys things, tools, couch cushions, her own bed, her blankets. Recently, she had started humping me and clawing at my legs, trying to bite me, snapping at me. And has now also turned her sights to my husband, and she now sits on our bed at night time, or any time we are in bed, and barks and barks and barks until she gets in our faces and tries to snap at us. She humps the side of our bed, she doesn’t listen. We have tried EVERYTHING. We have tried being stern with her, she is cage trained so we put her in the cage when she acts like this, we have given her a bed she sleeps with us sometimes, she’s well fed and well cared for. But now will not even let us sleep.. She has also bitten a stranger once before after letting the man get close enough to pet her. She is not fixed, but I am working on it. I am at my wits end and do not want to give her away or put her up for adoption, but do not have much of a choice left when nothing is working. I cannot afford a doggy boot camp or professional training for her, as money is tight right now, but she is totally out of control. I don’t know if medicating her will help, I have tried calming treats, I have tried literally everything at this point. She does not listen. Please, if someone out there has any other solutions I am desperate.
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You need to establish boundaries. This does not mean you have to be corrective. It means that you need to decide what you want this dog to do instead of what she is doing. It means you need to not allow certain things anymore.

First you need to crate her at night. No more sleeping on the bed. If she destroys the bed in her crate then the lays on the bare insert (I have a very well trained dog that cannot have any sort of cushion in his crate.. he has a piece of plywood).

When you cannot be there to watch her, she needs to be crated. When you can watch her and she is loose, even in the house, attach a leash to her collar and keep an eye on her. If she goes to destroy something, redirect her with food and a toy. Be clear and consistent with her.. and you can step on the leash to stop her.

Humping can be from excitement. Again, because she is wearing a collar and a leash you can redirect her. If you are both present one person can step on the leash so the other person moves away. Humping the bed will no longer be an issue because she is no longer allowed on the bed.

I would stop feeding her from a bowl. I would make her do something for every bit of food she gets. Use her dinner to train her. Sit, Down, wait, here.. all useful commands. Stationary commands start with just doing the action and then duration is added a few seconds at a time. I dissuade people from Stay.. if the dog is down or sitting the dog is staying. Teach a marker for doing the command correctly (I use Yes!). Get your timing right.

People often talk to much to dogs. Dogs are not verbal. You don't talk to the dog. Only use ONE command for what you want and only one command. Most people have 7 commands for recall. This is confusing to the dog.

Agree with what Day Sleepers has said in seeking hands on help. You need that too. Seek it and GOOD LUCK!!!
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