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in heat more than out

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My five-year-old basset hound goes into heat way more often than normal and she stays in heat for an abnormally long period of time. should i be concerned??
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What do you mean by "more often than normal" and "stays in heat for an abnormally long time"? Most bitches will cycle every 6 to 8 months, and the heat cycle is, generally speaking, as week coming in, a week in, and a week going out. What does your breeder say? Do other dogs in her line cycle like she does? If she seems like she is in season more frequently or for longer periods than other bitches in her family, then yes, it can be cause for concern, and it might be that spaying her would be a good idea. One major reason is that each time she cycles, her chances of developing pyometra (a life threatening uterine infection) increases.
The short answer is "yes." Heats are normally 6 months apart and each heat lasts 3 weeks. That is normal.

Bitches that short cycle or have long heats could have any number of issues. The best answer for these dogs is a medically necessary spay.
I would absolutely be talking to my vet about a full spay if this were my dog. Not only is it stressful for you to have to deal with, it's stressful for her body, as well. And given how abnormal it is to be in heat more often than they're out of it, I'd be deeply concerned that she's at high risk for complications and serious, life-threatening medical problems like reproductive cancers or pyometra. At the very least, I suggest talking to your vet about the risks of an abnormal cycle like hers, and seriously consider whatever they recommend doing to help your pup.
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