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I had to move a lil over a month ago due to unforeseen circumstances. I had to move in with my mom an my kids, while my dog had to go to a friend of mine's since pets are not allowed where my mom lives. Now, my friend says he has to go because he digs up her yard, whines and escapes. He was used to being inside with me and getting constant love and attention, now he's outside all the time and gets no attention unless being fed/watered. I cant visit him because I dont have a job or income. Im sure hes depressed over all this and it breaks my heart. Ive posted about him all over facebook to rescue groups I know, my friends/family, etc. with no luck of anyone fostering him. He needs an angel! I really do NOT want to give him up and definitely refuse to have him go to the pound. If nothing else (even tho I dont want to) and I have no other options, I will give him up for adoption but there will be requirements before anyone can have him because I will not let him go with just anyone.:frusty::help::hurt::Cry:
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