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In desperate need of advice

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I'm trying to potty train an adult dog with no medical issues she is doing perfectly when it comes to pooping outside when I walk her but she won't pee she marks the grass frequently but then come back in the house to full blown pee. I've read that I should stand out there with her until she finally goes but I'm 75 with health issues and I can't do that. She's a smart loving little girl but just doesn't seem to understand. What can I do?
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The thing you need to do is prevent the persistent marking on a walk and prevent the flood in the house.

I suggest you get a "right sized" crate (only big enough for the dog to the stand up in,turn around in and lay down in).

Put the dog in this. Take the dog out to one area (do not go forca walk) for 15 minutes. If she pees a flood reward and praise. Of not, then back inside and you pit her in the crate. In 15-20 minutes take her out again. Rinse/Repeat until she filly pees outside and then reward that heavily.

Her world,for the time being,will be the crate or out with you to the potty area. Nothing else. No house freedoms. No walks.

Good luck!
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Take the dog out to one area (do not go for a walk) for 15 minutes. If she pees a flood, reward and praise.
This means take high value treats outside with you! Keep them by the door. If you wait to treat when she goes back inside, you’ll be rewarding her for going inside. All rewards must be within 2 seconds of the event you’re rewarding. ❤
Getting old, ain't for sissies, sister.
Can you reach out for help?
Check with your friends, local humane organization, young neighbor dog lover...

Best of luck
Uncle Foster (68 and falling apart)
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