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impulse control and the deaf, semi blind dog.

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My aunt's having some issues with her deaf aussie who is slightly blind in one eye.

He's impulsive. and his hereditary issues make it a bit difficult to do my usual impulse control stuff.

The biggest issue is the jumping. He jumps and jumps and jumps and jumps when he gets excited. He jumps on people, he jumps on couches, he just jumps up wherever and trying to catch his attention when he is quite literally bouncing off walls, off chairs, off whatever happens to be handy is a bit difficult because if he's to the right of you he won't see you and he can't hear you so touch becomes the only consistent option..

and it isn't just jumping for attention. We videotaped him while out of the room and for example in one bit of the tape he stumbles upon one of his toys and just starts jumping up and down...

Im bit stumped on this one..

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How much exercise is he getting, and is he being walked a couple of times a day on a brisk 40 min+ walk?

That breed is a typically high energy dog that needs a job or plenty of exercise. He sounds like he is bouncing off the walls because of pent up energy.
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