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impulse control and the deaf, semi blind dog.

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My aunt's having some issues with her deaf aussie who is slightly blind in one eye.

He's impulsive. and his hereditary issues make it a bit difficult to do my usual impulse control stuff.

The biggest issue is the jumping. He jumps and jumps and jumps and jumps when he gets excited. He jumps on people, he jumps on couches, he just jumps up wherever and trying to catch his attention when he is quite literally bouncing off walls, off chairs, off whatever happens to be handy is a bit difficult because if he's to the right of you he won't see you and he can't hear you so touch becomes the only consistent option..

and it isn't just jumping for attention. We videotaped him while out of the room and for example in one bit of the tape he stumbles upon one of his toys and just starts jumping up and down...

Im bit stumped on this one..

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He gets plenty of exercise. that was my first thought...

But after skating with him for two hours straight when I was hanging out with him...he got excited about getting to drink some water and started jumping again...oh and when he jumps the red rockett comes out...Im pretty sure this is some kind of weird obsessive impulse...
Do you suppose a vibrating collar(not shock) just vibrate for attention getting which seems to be 1st priority. I would want a lead on dog when 1st vibration is done for some control so dog does not hurt himself if he gets spooked.
I was thinking about suggesting that to her...any equipment purchases are up to her as he's not my dog. Im at wits end on this fellow and am ready to try it...up to her though...

He's a sweet boy, really friendly...jump super excitable....Im a little worried that he might just get excited at the vibe collar ("YAY! I GOT VIBRATED!!! jump jump jump) ..but that's my only concern at this point..
Yes that's why I wanted lead on dog, what's got to be weighed is does jumping out weigh no jumping. Does the end justify the means. I have never used a vibration collar so do not know if there is any kind of adjustment on that type of collar. If dog is type that can be cuddled, collar at first would not have to be on dog but on your hand so 1st vibration would be muted through your hand resting on his neck. I believe this could give an inkling as to what could be expected and would not spook dog. Or a spook that would do no permanent harm. Scenario being collar on hand, vibration and a possible treat if dog reacts in a positive manner which would be anything in a non-spook non-jumping attitude. Then a possible collar on neck continuation.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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