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Impossible to control my Rottie Glucose level

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Unfortunatly my dear friend Noka just passed away.

Please pray for her that departed
and for me who will stay and will need to
live and love without her.

Thks everyone for feeling my sorrow
I have posted a new post named my dearest friend passed away
with photos of my baby


Hi everyone,
I'm suffering a lot, my 12 year old Rottie has been diagnosed last year with diabetes. I seemed to have it under control (2 shots a day of 70) and her levels where between 120 and 230 (measured 3/4 times a day). This last 2 weeks it started to go up to 400/500 and never gone much done even with extra shots. Yesterday she couldn't get up and had 540. I took her to vet and she stayed overnight today she was discharged and 6 hours after arriving home had a reading of 520 (extra shot and 4 hours latter 410). I'm waiting two more hours to give her a new screening and if it's still that high another shot.

My question, did anyone had similar problem controling? What the outcome? I have lost my Husky last July to poisining and It's really dificult for me and my 14 years Golden retriever to see her like this. I'm I gonna loose her soon? Because now not even the vet can control it, and I cannot afford to have her in the vet forever (today I just paid US$ 400 for yesterday's episode).

Could someone give me a hint on whats up next? Is she suffering a lot? I love her too much to know that she is suffering? Should I put her down? Should I keep increasing Insulin? She's taking already a lot a day and seems that is no longer controling anything.

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Nolu - what kind of insulin are you giving your Rottie? How often? What do you feed? You mentioned her glucose has changed these last 2 weeks - did you change her diet or exercise routine?
In answer to your question, i had problems controlling Bubba's glucose levels in the beginning and just recently after 18 mos, his glucose levels started to get high again but we are in the right track again. You just have to be extremely patient. Let me ask you before i go on, do you always give your dog an extra shot when the glucose levels are high? You posted that if her glucose is to high, you'll give her another shot. Did your vet tell you to giver an extra shot?
Nalu I don't have anything to offer you about the glucose levels. I have no experience with it. I can only say, I am sorry you and your dog are going through this. It is so hard to see the ones we love not feeling so good. I hope you can balance her levels and she can get to feeling better. Good Luck to you. :)
My mom's Lhasa had the same problem. He had to switch to a different type of insulin. Apparently there is insulin from pigs and insulin from something else. I don't remember which she switched to, but talk to your vet about trying the other type.
Has your vet done a glucose curve on your dog? I believe that the insulin spotted nikes is referring to is this one:


Until this med was developed human insulin was used in all dogs.
I am not an expert on diabetes. In fact, I know almost nothing about it. As far as I know it is an elevated "sugar" level in the blood due to a lack of insuline to regulate it. If that it the case, it makes logical sense to me to eliminate the carbs from the dogs diet. If you eliminate sugar intake, how could it be a problem? Maybe there is some other way to get sugar in the body. I don't know but it just seems that eliminating carbs could only help the problem.
A lot of things can affect blood sugar.

Insulin is basically the "key" that unlocks the cell's ability to allow the body to convert the sugar. We need sugar/glucose to maintain a healthy balance in the body. If your body doesn't properly produce insulin, then the body can't convert the sugar. Too low of a glucose level can send your body into shock. Too much sugar, without enough insulin to process it, can do the same. If the type of insulin is ineffective, then it's almost like not using any at all.

Changing eating habits, stress or exercise can all change how the body is converting the sugar. With diabetics it is important to be consistent in types/amount of food, exercise, and stress levels, and time of day they eat, exercise, etc. If they eat the same daily at the same time, but they exercise heavily randomly, it will throw off blood sugar levels. Or if they eat a large amount one day, but not much the next, it will throw the levels off.
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Sorry to hear you and your dog are going through such an ordeal.Do not want to concern you, but there is a condition called Somoji overswing that occurs when extra shots of insulin are given or dosages are increased causing the blood glucose to go uncontrollably high. It is often seen in dogs treated at home using urine dipsticks. You can read more about it here and if this sounds like a possibility you can discuss it with your vet and see what he/she thinks. The best way to give insulin is based on blood glucose curves, did you vet run one when he was hospitalized? Other causes of uncontrollable diabetes are infections or a pituitary tumor. If finances are an issue carecredit can be very helpful for pet owners in similar situations.
I really hope your dog's glucose gets stabilized soon, sending my best wishes your way, keep us updated if you can.
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