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I'm the worst dog parent ever!!!!!

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Me and my wife adopted a Japanese chin named batman from the shelter. We brought him home yesterday (Tuesday) evening. He was so calm last night and this morning that when I left for work at 11:30 I decided to not put him in the kennel and see how he did for the 5 hours he would be alone. I was extra careful to check and make sure all doors were tightly shut and locked. It's been getting pretty hot here lately so I left a window with a screen open. Batman somehow figured out that the screen wasn't perfectly secure and pushed till it bent open and got out. Less than a day after we got him.

I was totally freaking out, looking everywhere for him, while my wife called the shelter. Thankfully they have him. I feel like such a bad person. I guess it's "kennel up" everytime he's alone.
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When my family first got a kitten he hid underneath a bookcase and we thought he had jumped out a window... terrifying. And a really good lesson. Everyone was in tears and you can bet we never made that mistake again. Batman (super cute name!) doesnt really know that this is home yet so hes pretty eager to head out on his own, caution is the name of the game here. Also, no off-leash activites for at LEAST a month after you get him, even though 2 weeks in it will feel like you've had him forever. When you do let him off make sure its a securely fenced area for practising recall.
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