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Kabota destroyed his first bed, which was basically a doughnut-shaped pillow. So my husband bought a really nice bed with hard sides and thick faux sherling covering all the padding, so Kabota will have a hard time destroying it.

Kabota sniffed it and then ignored it. For 2 weeks.

We figured he hated the new bed for some doggy reason and I felt bad for throwing away what was left of his old bed. Then I found out why he wouldn't sleep in his new bed: the heat.

It's been miserably hot at night until the night before last when it got down into the 50s. I woke up at 4am, shivering, and noticed Kabota curled up in his new bed and it hit me: thick faux sherling is not something you want to sleep on when it's 85F with 100% humidity.


It was a good reminder that "doggy reasons" are most often based in comfort. Oh, and I need to buy a cooling pad.
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