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Since I've owned Basil, I've exercised his sit command quite frequently, though I hadn't gotten around to teaching him anything new. Since I had a bunch of freetime today, I decided to try and teach him some new tricks. He learned " lay" and then learned how to go back to a "sit" position from a "lay." I count that as two tricks because sitting from a lay is different then sitting normally. I think he did pretty good for his first serious training session! He went from sit-(treat)-lay-(treat)-sit-(treat) to sit-lay-(treat)-sit-(treat) to an impressive sit-lay-sit-(treat)!!

Now that all the stresses of finals, graduation, etc. are over, I'll have tons of time to work on obedience with Basil! I also plan on enrolling him in obedience classes once we move to Dallas, since it doesn't make much sense to start an 8 week class here when were moving in less than two!

This is going to be so much fun :D Next I need to teach him "stand," "shake," maybe refine the "touch" command... Hmm maybe I'll check out some of those trick of the month treads! :D
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