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I have finally got my 8wk old pup Jaz to sleep on her own in the kitchen, I had all sorts of suggestions from you guys, and jiggled them all around to come up with one I could practically manage in my apartment and with our work schedule. and lo and behold, she now sleeps in the kitchen (all matting removed) a water dish, a kong (thanks to your suggestion) filled with mashed treat a little squidgy cheese to hold it all together and a few of her own puppy food pellets.
she devours that and that's what I think takes her mind off being left.
she howled and whimpered for about an hour the first night, (ear plugs! - another of your suggestions) worked a treat.
I got up at 4am and she pooped and pee'd outside. then we woke up at about 6.30 am and she pee'd outside.!!!

I am so thankful to you all, as if left to me to keep the peace I would still have her in bed with me all night.

Now we have our bed back, the bedroom door is now permanently closed all day and she is non the worse for wear!!!

I am a proud PACK LEADER! Yeahhhh! (not a baby's mum)
Cheers you guys!
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