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I'm sick, why isn't my dog?

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I caught the flu from a friend that came by on his birthday last Saturday. He was sick when he came and I didn't think much about it. On Monday however I noticed I was showing symptoms my friend had. I've been in bed until now (thursday). I'm only well enough now to sit at my computer. Sheesh this flu really sucked.

Anyhow I'm sitting here looking at my dog Maggie (some of you know her from her videos) and I'm wondering two things.

1) Can a dog catch the flu from a human.
2) Why in 10 years has my dog never been sick?

Question number 2 disturbs me most. She (maggie) has to have been sick in the 10 years that I've had her right? I've had some version of a cold or flu every year of my life that I can recall. Certainly my dog has been sick at some point in the past decade. I'm really in tune with her, but I honestly can not think of a time when she was ever sick. I hate to think that she was ever sick and I didn't know it.

Now I know you are going to say, well did she ever "toss" her food. Yeah she's thrown up before, but as far as I know it has only been because she ate food that she got from the trash or the ground. When I say sick, I mean like a flu, or a cold, or anything that would slow her down for a few days requiring bed rest and so on. I'm sure she's never been sick enough for me to tell that she's sick.

What disturbs me about this is that I wouldn't notice? She can't have a perfect health record can she?

I'm still sick but feeling better. Maggie is just fine.

Ping =^.^=
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To answer number one..No, dogs cannot catch the flu from humans. The influenza virus that infects humans is adapted to attack the human body.

And number two: she may have been sick and you didn't notice, dogs are usually good at not showing signs for things like a cold or flu.

And I think there's only one type of flu a dog can catch and that's canine influenza.
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