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I'm proud of my Zero

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I get home last night and am checking my e-mail when I hear some yelling outside. I stick my head out and there's a crazy guy in the street yelling. He's shirtless despite it being 40 degrees out and is yelling that he's not a rapist and screaming for someone who I can't see in the darkness to come into the street and fight him. I had no idea who he might be yelling at, didn't know if someone might be hurt or not or what was going on so when the guy ran back into his house across the street I grabbed a 6 inch hunting knife, leashed up my 15 lb, highly trained attack spaniel and crossed my lawn in the pitch black of my shaded and unlit lawn. I didn't see anyone out there except my neighbor who I spoke to briefly until I heard Zero growling. The crazy guy was opening his door and coming out again and he alertly let me know. Not wanting a confrontation with a mental patient who is off his meds, I backed up to my porch. The guy crossed the street and started yelling again while Zero kept growling at him in a low voice. This is a dog who loves everyone but who obviously knew that something was not right with this guy and that he was some kind of threat.

The cops showed up at that point and the guy ran across the street and back into his house where he claimed he wasn't coming out because the officers were "fake cops". Eventually, they got in touch with a family member or his landlord or someone who let them in the house and they loaded the guy up into an ambulance and took him to a local hospital for a mental evaluation.

I was so proud of my dog though. I think if the crazy guy had actually came across my lawn or tried something that my dog would've gone after him. I don't know what kind of damage a 15 lb cocker spaniel can do to a crazy guy who probably feels no pain at all, but I think he would've tried. It just amazes me that a dog who normally practices a face lick of death on everyone actually may be a decent guard dog when the chips are down. I was so proud of him. Who needs a pit bull when you've got an attack spaniel?
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That is amazing! Smart doggie!! :)
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