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Hi, I'm a new member, I'm mostly here for training tips. I'm a first time dog mom on my own without the help of my mom. I grew up with 2 dogs, one of which we had to put down 2 years ago. Later that same year I got our dog Bellatrix at 10 weeks old. She's thankfully been pretty easy to train in the simpler things like sit, stay, potty training, lay down, etc. But we've quickly learned that training with treats does absolutely nothing. What generally happens once she knows you have a treat in your hand, she gets so excited and becomes so concentrated on the simple fact that you have a treat, she does every thing she knows to do for a treat without being told to do so. And when you try and get her to calm down and actually listen to the words you're saying, she becomes depressed and refuses to do anything, just sit there with the saddest look on her face. The only positive reinforcement that I can use that won't distract her is verbal and even then it doesn't always work. She's a beagle/pom mix
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