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Hi All ,Hope I am doing things right I have never done this before ,so please guide me if I do the wrong thing. I am hoping to get some advise and some guided wisdom. I have tried looking on the net but to no avail so thought this might be a good place to start as some one else may have experienced the same problems. My dog (dearly loved) is 7 yrs old ,shitzu cross Maltese she has had one litter of pups approx 3yrs ago. anyway my problem is > she is twerking ,looking around sharply at her back ,and licking the top of her tail. She is not on heat which was my first thought and if called will cease ,seems to do it when she wakes up , she is eating well (no loss of appetite) also drinking well . She seems so healthy in every aspect but I am afraid she may be in pain so I am worried. went to vets for a check up and he suggested she get spade I feel or hope that it does not come to that is or has anyone got an idea what could be wrong and ideas of what I could do naturally for her. Thankyou for any advice in advance:wave:
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