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I'm new here and this is my dog

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This is Masai. She's my best friend. She's a shelter dog of unknown genetics and I've had her for nearly 13 years now.
I've had dogs all my life, and will soon be adding to my household when I find a young dog that Masai likes. She was here first so her opinion matters!




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beautiful dog..their life on earth is always too short. 13 years is awesome. Hope you have many more.
She's a very fit healthy 13 so we think she's got a few years in her yet! Honestly it's a miracle, we nearly lost her when she was 7 or 8 to hip issues before finding a solution that worked for her and we've got her to 13 without ever being as sore as she was before. Now she's starting to have some mobility issues (she can't jump onto the bed easily anymore so I bought her some stairs) so I'm looking into additional joint support, but she's still happy and playful :)

Our new dog Beau is a huge bouncy goof and she gets cranky with him when he's too rough but they play like puppies together and I think that's helping a lot too.
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