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I'm new but I've been here a lot

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I've been looking at this forum for a while. I've read some great advise so i finaly felt like joining.

First dog is my old boy Zues. he is now 10, over weight,and just as stuborn as he was 9 years ago, but I love him. he is a rescued GSD hound cross.

Second dog is Bailey. A 5 year old chow chow ausie mix. also a shelter dog, she has bonded with my grandma more than me but she is still very sweet and loves everyone but cats.

Third dog is Sophie. I think she is a schaunzer cocker cross .I signed her adoption papers a few days ago. She is at the shelter right now awaiting a spay. she should be ready to come home in a week, I can't wait. (I also can wait to groom her...she smell like 20 types of funk)


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