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Hi, I joined this site years ago when we got our first two dogs, they were just puppies then. But I have deleted the email account (couldn't remember my password) that I once used so I thought I would just create a new account.

A couple of years ago we inherited my mom's "baby" when she was going through her stem cell transplant. After she passed away my dad felt she should stay with us since she is doing so well here with our other dogs. For a dog who spent so much time alone she sure loves to "play" with our other dogs and the kids. For such a big dog she has adapted quite well to living in town and being in the house most of the time with me. She really doesn't like to be alone without other people, but she's just fine when she's left alone with our other dogs. But that's a long story as to why. She's such a needy and people dog. She doesn't mind the kids hanging on her at all and loves to play. When I was sick she was my snuggle buddy and when we had to go back to Rochester and the suitcases came out she became even more attached to my hip until we left and she had to stay with our groomer who also kennels dogs. Hopefully we won't have to put her into that mode again until I go back in July for my 6 month CT. (I had a rare, non-aggressive pancreatic cancer tumor with complications after surgery that was found by accident.)

Two of our dogs are just mutts. Jack is a 19 lb terrier of some sort and he needs to shed a few pounds. Sophie is a mutt as well and were not entirely sure what her breed is. She's a petite little 12 lb thing. Possible Mini-Pincher crossed with a terrier crossed with what we just aren't sure.

Ms. Ella is our big red whale topping the scales off at 94 pounds and is a non-papered (my parents paid less without the paperwork because the papers didn't mean anything to them) golden retriever with red hair instead of a blond. When my parents had her she was overfed (and bad kibble) and it didn't help that we kept a bowl of food out for our little dogs and continued to do that when we got Ms. Ella. But we have recently changed that practice along with their food. But that's another topic and thread that I'll address later. I've been lurking a lot as a guest lately looking for information, doing my research.

So my goal is to try to get Jack and Ms. Ella to shed a few extra pounds along with myself. :clap2:

I don't have any current picts of the dogs, I'm not a big picture taker... *gulp* But I'll have to take some to post soon! Maybe I can get the kids to help me do that on Friday since they don't have school. Our basketball team is going to state so they don't have school that day. So it would be a good time to do that.

We live in rural North Dakota and I also have 3 two legged kids, ages 15, 11 and 8.
But I just wanted to introduce myself and say HOWDY!
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