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I'm lost (puppy whining at night)

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Hello everyone! I have seen a question kind of similar to mine asked here before, but after many sleepless nights my questions have doubled.

I have a puppy at 2 and a half months old, she is a mixed breed, but in my opinion very much jack russell-y :D. We (my mom and I) got her at 45 days and ever since our first night she has been sleeping in my room (in her own bed next to mine, but then she moved to sleeping in my bed). My original problem was that very recently the puppy has decided she no longer wants to sleep near me, but in my moms room. I attributed this to my mom feeding her in the morning, although I feed her at night and most of the "training" and play time I do myself. We also have a 10 years old lab, who loves my mom and recognizes her as his "leader" so i guessed this as a bonus point why the puppy prefers to sleep in my moms room, with the older dog.

The additional problem and why I'm writing is this: I'm trying to train her to sleep with me again by simply closing my door at night and feeding her myself first thing in the morning, BUT she keeps whining whenever we go to sleep, whines about an hour, wears herself out and falls asleep in my room, but after a couple hours she wakes up and repeats the process again. She just wants to sleep with my mom. For 3 test days now after her 3784th time whining during the night I just let her out.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but what is it!? Should I give in on her whining? I would accept defeat and just let her sleep with the rest of my family but as I'm planning on moving out in a year I dont want her to create a routine and then completely brake it and build a whole new one years down the line.

I am worried she'll start hating me for forcing her to be near me, I try to be patient and I try to completely ignore her when she's whining for attention but I'm simply at a loss. She doesn't behave any differently towards me besides that, she just gravitates towards my mom (and our other dog) at night.
Please help! Any advice or tips or suggestions would be welcomed! I just don't know what I'm doing wrong and I don't know how to fix it.
Thank you!
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Are you moving out without the dog, or is the dog coming with you? Either way, I don't think it's going to matter. Although dogs like their routines, they are adaptable and can learn another one.

Personally, I don't care where my dog sleeps and I don't take it as a slight if he chooses to sleep in the living room instead of my bedroom. The only thing I would be worried about with a puppy that young is that they get into something they aren't supposed to while I'm sleeping or have an accident in the house, but if it's not a problem I don't care. It could be that your mom's room is cooler, or perhaps she misses the comfort of her litter and wants to sleep near your older dog. Your dog's choice of sleeping spaces likely has little to do with you. Unless, perhaps you snore or thrash in your sleep! My dog refuses to sleep with me on my bed because I thrash, lol.

Really, it's not a battle I would choose to fight, I guess. As long as the dog isn't whining because she needs to go outside or wants to rip into your shoes, I would let her sleep where she wants.
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