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Im looking to buy a Morkie puppy!!!

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I'm looking to buy a puppy Morkie (Boy), but I have a few important preferences for me! Parents should look like my dog! 1. The ears must be straight! 2. Short tail! 3.The same color! Not that I'm very pretentious, just my dog died at Christmas, and he meant a lot to me! It is not a problem to wait as long as necessary.I'm adding photos for convenience.I will repeat again - Parents should be as maximum similar!!! Thank you.


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I suggest a pure bred, a yorkie, or like LeoRose suggested, a biewer terrier. If you share what state you are in, I'm sure we can find you a breeder who breeds well bred pure breeds, who are healthy, happy, and follow the breed type for the breed.

Because morkies are mutts, they throw genetic variants. There is no way to assure a mutt will look the way you want unless you get an adult. It is highly likely a pure bred yorkie will have prick ears, black with tan points, docked tail, etc.
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