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Im looking to buy a Morkie puppy!!!

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I'm looking to buy a puppy Morkie (Boy), but I have a few important preferences for me! Parents should look like my dog! 1. The ears must be straight! 2. Short tail! 3.The same color! Not that I'm very pretentious, just my dog died at Christmas, and he meant a lot to me! It is not a problem to wait as long as necessary.I'm adding photos for convenience.I will repeat again - Parents should be as maximum similar!!! Thank you.


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I hate to say this but you are heading for heart ache. Even if you find a pup that looks like your dog's twin it wont be him.

Each and every dog even siblings are different. Dont set yourself up for this crushing dissapointment.Its not fair on you or the dog.
If I took your child and gave you one that looked the same would you be fooled? Would you be happy with this doppelganger or would you mourn for your lost child?

Dont think any dog even one who looks lioke your old dog can fill the hole yyou are feeling in your life right now. Wait and adopt a dog because you are ready for a new dog not just because you need a look a like..
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