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I'm going insane here

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I'm starting to think I'm dealing with separation anxiety x 2....I don't like throwing the term SA around, but the situation is getting really bad with Shiner and now Scarlett seems to be joining in. I came home today and found both Shiner and Scarlett had chewed up their crate pans, pushed them out of the crate, and Shiner had dug up the carpet underneath and Scarlett had diarrhea all over. My neighbor also told me that they were going nuts when she was walking by my house...she wasn't complaining, just letting me know.

I usually don't have to crate them at all, DH and I work opposite schedules for the most part so it's an hour or two here and there at most, but they are both crate trained, go in on command, eat in their crates...I knew I was going to be gone longer than usual, it turned out to be 5 hours, so they both had a stuffed kong and a nylabone, and I still came home to the scene I described. DH and I are both going to be gone for 5 hours tomorrow too, and I'm very worried.

With Shiner it has been this way from the beginning...he is very destructive if left alone even for a minute, but this behavior with Scarlett just started last week. I think she is starting to come into season and I'm wondering if that could have anything to do with it...for both of them...my boys are all neutered though....I'm wondering if the two are also fueling eachothers anxiety.

I dunno, I've read a million threads on separation anxiety and I know all the text book things to try, it's just really frustrating. :(
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