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I'm a paranoid dog mom

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My dog listens fine on a dragging lead. I tried removing it once before, but reliability decreased, so I put it back on, and have been doing some focused "off-leash" reliability training. How do you know when your dog is ready to have it removed? All our fencing is barbed wire for the cows, (except for the goat field, and I don't trust the billy with her lol) so I can't put her in a big fenced area to test it.
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i would never have a drag lead on a dog in the vicinity of horses, that has risks to both dog and horses more than just the dog taking off

a traffic lead might be helpful and fairly safe on a harness, would not use on a collar though for trip hazard

like said above, its a leap of faith but one that should be tempered by need and benefits to be off leash

My prior dog, I introduced to off leash on a horse farm with four board fencing. A good visual barrier but not a physical barrier. He took well to that and came when called even in the large pastures. However, he was never allowed to join us for a hack out on the trails because the risk was not worth the reward (he stayed in a cozy barn stall).
But I misjudged his reliability of staying within the visual boundaries of the board fence as being true come-when-called reliability. I let him off leash while hiking a winter evening in a very large urban park and he took off after a deer. I was lucky and he ended up finding his way to a police horse barn (probably from scent) and I got a call to pick him up safely the next day but it was a brutally cold night and powerfully scary to me to wait through.
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