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Im a new member. I have a rat/cha.

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Stella has digestion problems and recently suffered a ruptured anal gland. Vet recommended raw meat diet. I just intro'd her to calves liver and 93% lean ground beef. She looked at me like I was trying to poison her. After several hours I threw it out and started over with very lightly Browning the surface of the liver and made a patty out of the ground beef and tho she was slightly reluctant she ate it so I had the little woo hoo moment. I'm hoping after she gets used to it I won't have to put any heat on it. The burger was completely raw in the middle so I don't think I defeated the purpose too bad.
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Try raw chicken breast and try to balance the diet over time. No need to worry about balancing every single meal.

Liver and beef can be very rich for a dog to start a raw diet.
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