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I'm a failure at fostering....

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There are these group sites on Facebook in my area where people can re-home animals and sell animal related items. I hate them because most people are ignorant about dogs, but I use them to try and get shelter dogs adopted. Anyway, there was a woman who was desperately trying to re-home a "catahoula mix" female because her husband decided he didn't want her anymore and wanted to shoot her. I told her I would foster her so we could get her out of there and we'd find a better home for her. Turns out, this dog is nothing close to being a catahoula mix (I think she is Miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua!)

The whole business was shady and stupid, but I didn't want this little dog to get shot. She's only six months old and already terrified of men. She wets whenever my boyfriend comes near her. She seems like she is warming up to him though.

She's super sweet, smart, and very playful. Anyway, my point is, I am a failure at fostering because I love her and she's staying with me. I was going to ask everyone here if they could give some insight into her breed(s)? I am pretty sure she doesn't have Catahoula. She is about 6 months old and weighs 15 pounds.

Now I have four dogs that range from 15 lbs to 80+ lbs. :rolleyes:

I will try to get pictures of her standing, but she never stops wiggling!
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Not sure of the breed mix, the colours are really throwing me off. Congragulations, however, on "failing" fostering. I have fostered a few times and always managed to let them go to their new forever homes. good luck with this little one, she sure is a cutie!
I see a Chihuahua mix of some kind.. who knows what though I can't put my finger on anything else right now...I don't see how in any possibility that could be a Catahoula mix lol that's just funny.. but I've seen some very odd and almost impossible chihuahua mixes..

She's very cute though and I hope that she comes around for you!
Thanks! She is really a great dog, which is why I can't understand why they wouldn't want to keep her. :(
Congratulations on foster failing! This is the one reason I would never be able to foster, I would want to keep them all!!! I see Chi and possibly some terrier or min pin. Good luck with her she's sure a looker.
I see rat terrier maybe some dachshund (which would also explain the tan marks and wider feet) My dad has a rat terrier/dachshund mix that has ears EXACTLY like that and if you fold them over they look exactly like my sisters' dachshund's ears. Your pup's face/expression looks very much like my pure rat male with a little bit more dome to the head like a chi.

Chi/rat mixes are also very common around here. Heck, she might have all 3.
I can think of much, much worse things to fail at :) No idea what she is, other than 100% adorable.
I never considered dachshund or rat terrier. She does have a very terrier like body. I need to get a picture of her standing. I have no idea about small dogs, haha. I've never owned a dog less than 40 pounds, so this is very new to me!
Yeah, I see terrier in there as well. I've got a chi/terrier mix (we are unsure of what type of terrier, though - probably rat terrier), and she looks a bit like your dog, but with different coloring and larger ears. Her body definitely looks terrier.

ETA: I say "I've got," when technically the chi/terrier belongs and lives with my parents. But I lived with her for so long it's hard not to still think of her as my dog. She was always my parents dog, though.

ETA2: My parent's chi/terrier is probably the sweetest tempered dog I've ever met; something about that combo, maybe.
I don't see how you could let that sweet face go!

Definitely Chihuahua (ROFL about Catahoula!) something. I love the markings, but I'm not sure what they represent in such a small dog.
Thanks everyone! She really is a doll, and yeah, I couldn't believe the catahoula thing either. But this woman didn't strike me as being very intelligent...I think this dog may be smarter than the people she came from. :p Aside from wanting to save her from the man who wanted to shoot her, I also wanted her because she has the same color combination as my Kelpie, Java. And her name is Sugar. So, I like my Java with a little Sugar. :) I'm a dork.
. So, I like my Java with a little Sugar.
Epic win!

too short blah, blah, blah
that is just to cute! i looove her littl white booties on her feet. She is just so sweet looking!! she looks so happy too :)
Congratulations on foster failing! This is the one reason I would never be able to foster, I would want to keep them all!!! I see Chi and possibly some terrier or min pin. Good luck with her she's sure a looker.
This! ^ ........................................ ^ .............................................. ^ ........................................... :)
Congrats on your new addition! She is adorable!
Very cute!! She reminds me a lot of my guy that I rescued a month ago. He's in my siggie. Whatever she is, she's very cute, and VERY lucky to have you!
Wow, you SAVED her!! People who foster are the BEST!!!
(Ziggy was abandoned on the foster's doorstep - they took him in even though they were not in the best financial shape themselves - you guys are true ANGELS!!)
That's funny, you foster dogs like I do.
You guys are awesome! I just couldn't bear to let her go to a home who wouldn't take care of her like I can! :p
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