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If your dog has a litter of puppies(once), does that make you a backyard breeder?

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I ask this because I asked a question about our litter of pups, and this lady didn't even answer my question but instead called me an idiot backyard breeder. Oh, and it's not like we are going to sale the puppies. We are keeping two, going to give one to my sister, and the other to her friend. They are pugs.
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Well there are a lot of missing holes here, so it would be hard to say from just what you have written. Where exactly did you ask the question?

Um, why exactly did you breed? What made you think the dogs you had were breeding worthy? Did you health test? Do you know whats behind the dogs you bred, pedigree wise?

Pugs can have lots of health issues, so just breeding willy nilly is a little irresponsible. Just because you have to intact dogs and can breed, doesn't mean you should.
Oh they'll call you a backyard breeder in a heartbeat, and for the most part they aren't wrong. I know a lot of the old regulars there, great bunch, know their stuff, but don't take kindly to bybs or accident litters. Plus that site is way over run with trolls, so people tend to get pissy real quickly (I know I used to).

If you don't know what makes a good breeder, you shouldn't be breeding. You are very lucky your mom didn't lose her dog. Mainly I think in your case it's irresponsibility, the pup should have never come in contact with an intact male.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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