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If your dog has a litter of puppies(once), does that make you a backyard breeder?

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I ask this because I asked a question about our litter of pups, and this lady didn't even answer my question but instead called me an idiot backyard breeder. Oh, and it's not like we are going to sale the puppies. We are keeping two, going to give one to my sister, and the other to her friend. They are pugs.
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If you don't show or compete to title your dog to prove impeccable breeding stock. If you don't have full range of health certificats, eyes, heart, joints & bones to show worthiness of breeding. If both bitch & stud had temperment testing. If this wasnt a planned breeding with adopters already approved before pups were even conceived. If you didn't make sure the stud had all these, which really are simply the basics, then yes, you ARE a backyard breeder. No one should breed without these things in place...which is why I don't breed & laughed when people asked me if they could have a puppy from Chloe because she is so cute & sweet, sorry, I was RESPONSIBLE & spayed her, I'm not a breeder. Also, keeping two puppies isn't the best idea either.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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