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If only I knew then what I knew now...

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If you've raised a dog from puppyhood:

What are the one or two things you most wish you'd have known before you even brought the pup home? (Useful tips, information about young dogs, must-have products, etc.)
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I agree with everyone's advice given so far.
I wish I would of had my Vet's cell number. (I have it now) :)
Arrange to have someone take a middle of the night potty shift
at least once in awhile so you can sleep.
Let another family member or friend come in to feed puppy sometimes.
My first puppy wouldn't eat unless I was the one who put down the bowl.
Makes it hard if you have to leave them for a day.
And to repeat what CptJack said, Enjoy and have fun with your puppy.
They grow up way too fast.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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