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Morning 😁

so I am currently undergoing my city and guilds level 2 dog grooming course.

I have been set aside a homework task

I have a huge list of dogs infront of me and I have to identify their coat type using one of the following :
Double coat
Mixed (combination coat)

my heads about to explode.
I am seriously confused when it comes to double coats ?
Almost every dog I have googled has said their coat is double
Example :: Mastiff
It says that it has a short DOUBLE COAT combined with a WIRE top coat and WOOL undercoat?
example: Great schnauzer
Says it has a DOUBLE COAT on google with a WIRE texture but my grooming tutor went through a small list on my last session and had me fill that box with WIRE COAT?

A) how do I correctly identify the difference?
B) understand if I am writing about the texture of the guard hairs or the double coat as a whole ?
I am very confused?
Any help would be hugely appreciated ❤

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Double coat just means that it has an undercoat. There are lots of short coated breeds that also have undercoats, along with a lot of long haired and wire haired breeds. Usually, descriptors like wire, smooth, coarse, etc. refer to the outer coat.
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