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My chihuahua is nine years old, and we adopted her, so I'm not quite sure of her puppy health background. We've had her for 7 years. We took her in to the vet two months ago for intermittent coughing, and the vet used a stethoscope to listen to her heart and lungs.

The vet determined that our chi has the early stages of a heart murmur, and put her on 12.5mg doses of Lasix and 1.75mg of Enalapril.

This seemed to manage her cough, until two days ago when she started coughing non-stop. The cough seems a lot 'harder' now and she's really weak; I can tell she's just tired of coughing. Our vet is out for the next two weeks on vacation for Labor Day (of course!).

Our vet advised against using a heartworm preventative like Heartgard (he's not a fan of meds, in general) and does yearly heartworm tests, instead. However, our dog hasn't been tested in a little over a year. I fear that this cough-- and heart murmur-- may actually be a sign of heartworm, and I'm not sure why she wasn't tested for heartworm when she was placed on the meds for her murmur; it seems as though some heart complications are a direct results of heartworms.

I have an appointment to take her in to another vet tomorrow morning for a 4DX test (Heartworm, Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Erlichiosis). Is there anything else I should be looking for or asking about, when I'm there? Has anyone else experienced a cough like this in their dog?

Video of my dog coughing:

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