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Identifying A Reputable Breeder

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Hello, I am in the process of researching various breeders around Ontario (I live in Ottawa); after checking the CKC as well as the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada, I believe I have found a reputable breeder in the form of Staghorn Labradors in Napanee. If anyone has any experiences with them in the past, whether positive or negative, I would love to hear about it.
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I personally have never heard of that breeder, and neither has my sister, and she breeds chocolate lab/pointer mixes (She lives in Ottawa) Maybe ask to tour the ranch/house and examine the dogs to make sure none look sickly, (ex. wet tail, runny nose) and they are living in a nice, clean environment. I wish you luck on finding your pup!
I personally prefer field/working type Labs, but from a quick cruise of their website, they look good, with titles and health testing.
Thank you both very much for the responses. They do appear to be a reputable breeder due to their affiliations with the CKC and the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada, as well as their willingness to share their dog's titles and health testing. Still, it's great to hear the same sentiments from other more experienced individuals; with all that to say, I will still keep my eyes out for any red flags and ensure that I make as informed of a decision as possible.
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