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Identify reason for limp

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I have an appt. with the vet tomorrow but am wondering if someone has a clue why my dog is limping. He and the new puppy were playing and I didn't see what happened exactly. Just know the bigger, older dog was limping on his back leg. Not quite able to put a lot of weight on the leg and kind of walking on his toes instead of putting the entire foot down. I put him on pain meds and anti inflammatory meds till I could get him to the vet and I notice the foot is now more flat, but he's still limping. I know it's not broken and he doesn't act like he's in pain when at rest, just has the limp. the leg appears to kind of stay straight and goes back stiff like. He bends it too wee wee, walkd up and down stairs OK. Any thoughts?
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My puppy was limping a week ago, but had no obvious signs of where pain was when he examined the leg. Took him in to vet, and same thing, no sign of trauma and they could not pinpoint the pain. He was put on 10 days fo rimadyl and rest (no long walks or dog parks), and they diagnosed him with having soft tissue damage (or a bruise basically). After 8 days he now has stopped limping completely and seems to be doing much better. Hope it's the same for your dog, and he's just got a bit of a bruise that needs rest to heal.
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