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ID Lesson... is it a pit?

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This is Tiger-bher, who wore special ID for handling in a Pit hostile County and City.
His Parents were mixed. All 4 registered purebred gr-parents were on premises as well.
The litter was amazing 8 dogs that looked like rubber stamp crayon sheets with different colors. With a total of 18 dogs over 6 months old... they were down sizing 4 mixed and selling 2 Havanese. Behr had the least white . All other dogs were white bodied and non brindle.
I'll reveal his younger hungry pic before he buffed up when I give his mix after at least 5 answers
clue: zero pit, staffie, mastiff.
I am not keen on brindles but picked behr because he was all by himself chained to a tree for being an escapist. They were all social and polite. He is 10 months here

I hope this will help rescue pull workers
Though the chances of pit are high when it is a young turn in and the mother of mix is not even guessed. Or like when I worked in Mesa AZ where Pit bulls and Chis are prevalent in population. But too many dogs are wronged really generic heritage GSD mix or Pit mix when they are not. Flip side is too many sharp breeds are purposely given softer identity and being homed with people who can't train them.
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